Overlapping polylines

01-05-2011 12:35 PM
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Hello everybody.
    I have some building blocks (~400 blocks) [polygons] and street segments (~1000) [polylines] around them. I take random points (~7000) in the blocks and with Network Analyst and Closest Feauture I create new network dataset and take the shortest paths from a central point (Facility) to the 7000 points (Incidents). As a result 7000 routes [polylineM] are generated. My question is how can I find how many routes cross every street segment.

    Here is what I' ve done: I make dissolve for the routes (with no fields and not check the button create multipart feautures) and I get a dissolve_routes [polylineM] shape with mutual street segments (~650 segs) of my route network but without counting the routes as I wanted.

    So, later, I made Spatial Join the dissolve_routes (buffer of dissolve_routes) with all the routes to take the join_count field. However it never finishes (I left it for a day and no result). I also tried to take the spatial joins of the routes and the dissolve_routes_points (central x/y points of them) but the result was the same. Any ideas..?

    One idea was to reduce my elements, but I want to have large regions with points up to ~50.000.
    Any ideas would be helpfull. Thanks, John.
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