Newbie Question: Network Analyst blanked out?

01-11-2011 10:07 AM
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Note that I am a complete novice to ArcGIS.  I am a student and am using the software to complete a project.  I have a basic shape file of bus routes that I am trying to convert to a network so that I can carry out a journey time analysis.  Included with each route profile is an average journey time in minutes, which makes it possible to calculate an average speed for each route.  When I attempt generate a road network shapefile from the basic file I think I must be making an error, as when I import the newly created file into ArcMap, Network Analyst remains blanked out.  What steps must I carry out to convert the shapefile into a usable network in ArcMap?
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Make sure that the Network Analyst extension is enabled. From the ArcMap main menu, choose Customize > Extensions... and make sure to check on the Network Analyst extension from the dialog box. This will enable Network Analyst in ArcMap. Now, when you add a valid network dataset to ArcMap, the functionality should be enabled on the Network Analyst toolbar.
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