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07-15-2012 07:49 AM
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Dear all;

We have been hard at work for two years creating a street network for Egypt. Now and after 17,000 street objects are drafted, we are working on providing routing functionality and historical traffic data. And that's where my question comes in.

We have feature class called "Roads" and table called "DailyProfile" which has several fields for storing the free-flow multiplier at different times of the day,
then created "
Streets-Traffic Profiles join table" which identifies street features, their free-flow travel times, and their related profiles for each day of the week.

Our missing part is how to join "Roads" feature class with The "Streets-Traffic Profiles join table", while they are saying in the tutorial (
The relationships between streets and speed profiles are simply made by storing values of unique identifiers in tables;
you don't need to create any relationship classes.

And they are using filed "Network_ID" ex:"
78400000072568". how did they calculate it???

Also how can we automate the process of creating new roads, without having to recreate the join table.

Can anyone please help, any would be highly appreciated.
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Hey Dear,

Please let me know, if you have got the answer for this problem as I am also facing the same issue.

I'll be highly thankful.

With Thanks,

Pranav Gairola

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