Network distance between points with the same attribute

05-10-2012 07:23 AM
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I can't seem to find the answer to this in the help or the forums. Maybe I am just using the wrong search phrases. It seems like there should be a simple tool available.

  • I have a point shapefile that represents points along a stream.

  • Those points have attributes associated with them.

  • There is no barrier or impedance associated with the points; no speed or other variables needed.

  • I simply want to calculate the network distance between each of the points with the same attribute along the stream shapefile.

We have both ArcGIS 10 and 9.3 available to use. And, while it would be better to keep the point shapefile intact, if needed we can break it down to have one point shapefile for each of the attributes we are interested in getting the distance matrix for.

Is there a tool in ArcToolbox? A python script? A set of procedures? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated, even if it's the correct terms to search for.

Thank you - Sharon
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Using a network dataset and a Route analysis layer, you can load in multiple points and on solve, the stops attribute table contains a new column with a name that starts with "Cumul_". For example, if you solved on an impedance attribute called Meters, this column will be named Cumul_Meters. It contains the cumulative meters from the start to reach the individual points. The difference between any two will be the difference between them.

So you could select only those points with the same attribute, load them into Stops of a route layer, solve and use the Stops attribute table as needed.

Jay Sandhu
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