Closest Facility Won't Draw Routes?

04-11-2012 02:03 PM
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I have a problem getting a large number of facilities and incidents to draw upon solving. I have about 380 facilities and incidents, that I am attempting to find routes between. I need the actual network geometry, so and OD Cost Matrix won't work. What happens is I load in everything and attempt to solve and it will get to the very end (99%), and then say it is completed, but there are no actual routes. I used a subsample of my points, ~170, and it worked. I began creating a model to run it outside of ArcMap, because I thought that too many routes trying to draw might be the issue, but the model is returning an error. I have attached a photo of the model.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or what the problem might be?



UPDATE: I have got it to route to 299 incidents and 299 facilities, but with 308, the solve fails. Is the memory just insufficient or something?
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You could be running of memory. You can bring up the task manager and see how memory is being consumed to see if that is an issue.

How far apart are your facilities and incidents and how many are you solving for. Do you have the hierarchy turned on?

Can you split the problem into two and solve? That is, load in only have the incidents and solve. export the results and then load the second half of the incidents and solve, export and combine the results?

Jay Sandhu
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Thanks, Jay.

It appears to have been running out of memory. I did not have a hierarchy established, as all of the paths are of the same relative importance because it's a walking network. I was doing some processing after this initial step that required all to be done at once, so I could not do it in parts, either. In all, the area is only around .5 square miles.  I ended up finding the limit to how many incidents and facilities I could solve, and selectively chose the most important for the task.
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