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10-06-2009 10:39 AM
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Original Post Date: Oct 06, 2009 11:39 AM PDT

The Network Analyst in 9.4 has a lot of new functionality. Let us know your experiences in using it!
Jay Sandhu
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In 9.4 the Network Analyst has been updated with a number of new features and numerous enhancements. The new features are:

A new Location-Allocation solver for site selection including support for gravity (Huff) models

Enhanced barrier support for using line and polygon barriers

Lot of enhancements to the Network Dataset such as:

  • Incremental Rebuild based on dirty areas

  • 3-D Network connectivity

  • Versioned network datasets in SDE

  • Historical traffic Data

  • Dissolve network tool for networks in a geodatabase with support for hyper edges to enable high-performance routing

  • Better storage of network elements on disk in the network dataset to support faster routing performance

Numerous other improvements such as in loading locations, better no u-turn support, driving directions, geoprocessing, scalability, SDK, Tutorials and documentation.

Jay Sandhu
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The help for multiple breaks specifies that each route can have 'at most one breal' although I was under the impression that multiple breaks was a new feature of 9.4?

Each time I try to add another break into the VRP the solve fails. Any clues?

Another new function - that of the ability to leave the start or end location empty - is advirtised to be included at 9.4. Again when I try to leave either of these values blank my VRP solver fails. Any ideas?

Niall Carter
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Hi Niall,

ESRI will introduce the multiple breaks function in 9.4 beta 2 which will be released in late January. With the new function, user will be able to add up to 5 breaks.

Virtual depot function was introduced in 9.3.  User is allowed to leave EITHER �??StartDepotName�?� OR �??EndDepotName�?� blank for a route, but not both. It should work well. Could you please let me know what warning/error message you got?


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Hi Anna

Apologies since re running my analysis I have managed to get the VRP with either start or end depots as null to now work.
I will wait for beta 2 before testing the multiple breaks. Is there a doc somewhere which indicates which functionality is contained in beta 1 versus beta 2? Clearly I was not aware that multiple breaks came in the full function beta 2 release.


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