Network Analyst tools are not using my historical traffic data to calculate travel time

04-29-2021 05:47 PM
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I have successfully created and built my network dataset with Historical HERE traffic data. However, Network Analyst tools are not using my traffic data to calculate travel time. No matter what time of the day I chose to run the tools, it only came back with the "free-flow" (or the Fallback attribute) travel time. 

Here are some screenshots of my ND settings:



Any ideas or help would be appreciated.



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Hi ritafan720,

Which Network Analyst tools are you using?  Route?  Closest Facility?  Service Area?  etc.?

In your Network Analyst tools, can you verify that you are using the TravelTime cost attribute?  Also, in the Network Dataset Properties, can you verify that the TravelTime attribute is using the Edge Traffic evaluator?

In the DailyProfiles_2019Nov table, can you verify that the SpeedFactor_0000 through SpeedFactor_2300 fields all have values between 0.0 and 1.0 (see

In the StreetProfile_2019Nov table, can you verify that the Profile_1 through Profile_7 fields have values that reference valid OBJECTID values from the DailyProfiles_2019Nov table?

In the StreetProfile_2019Nov table, can you verify that values in the EdgeFCID field reference the correct Feature Class ID of your streets feature class; and can you verify that values in the EdgeFID field reference correct OBJECTID values from your streets feature class?

This is about all I can suggest just by looking at the screenshots you provided.  If you would like, you may contact an Esri Support analyst to look at your data to see what specifically is going on.




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Hi Alan,

I have used Route, OD matrix and service area tools and none of them used the historical traffic data to solve.

Upon checking all of your mentioned settings, the only thing that looks suspicious is the "SpeedFactor_0000 through SpeedFactor_2300 for some of the records do have values above 1.0: 


I have used just one single link (for this link the speed factors are all between 0.0 to 1.0) to test on the Route tool and no matter what time I choose it's still giving me the same travel time. Please note that the speed factor for different hours do differ for that link.

My assumption is, if the speed factor above 1.0 is the problem, it should only cause problem when solving the links that have speed factors above 1.0. 




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