Network Analysis

09-10-2019 03:45 PM
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After having completed (Exercise 3: Finding the best route using a network dataset—Help | ArcGIS Desktop ) in the official Esri Network Analyst Tutorial, I decided to find a route in the multimodal dataset (Exercise 2: Creating a multimodal network dataset—Help | ArcGIS Desktop ), to see how it functions. After adding several network locations along an intentionally long route, I pressed Solve. I was quite surprised to find that the route chosen took walking along the streets as the only transportation mode available (despite railway stations and lines being included in the dataset).

I placed my origin and destination points quite far apart close to metro entrances, so I assumed that the directions would include walking to that first metro entrance, traveling on the train to the last metro entrance, exiting the station and walking to the destination point. The route ArcMap gave me indicated I would have to walk 3 hrs 46 mins along the streets to get to my destination!


How do I ensure that the route chosen uses all available forms of transport to find the shortest route?

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