I am working on a location allocation with a red GTFS in armap but when loading loads and demand points it takes a long time and then when I solve it it also takes too much time. How do I improve this geoprocess to make it faster

02-24-2020 03:09 AM
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Load Facilities take much time

Load demand Take much time

and the solve take much time too.

How I can improve this. The speed of the geoprocessing.

I am work with GTFS red dataset

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If you are using ArcMap and the Add GTFS to a Network Dataset toolbox, you should upgrade to ArcGIS Pro and use the tools included with ArcGIS Pro (no download anymore).  Here is a tutorial: Create and use a network dataset with public transit data—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

ArcGIS Pro is more efficient and better for solving large problems.

If the problem is still too slow, please include more details in your question so we can help you.

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