Inconsistency sequence of order visit.VRP

02-24-2020 05:34 PM
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I appreciate your help

I have a problem with the solver VRP, when I send a request to 100 orders for only one truck attendance, for this the orders have the parameter CurbApproach: 3,with equal time windows, and general parameter uturn_policy: ALLOW_DEAD_ENDS_ONLY, spatially_cluster_routes: false or true, excess_transit_factor:High, the problem with the generated route in several case is that vehicle go through an order in the path and skip it after the vehicle visit multiple orders and then visit the order skipped. Logically the vehicle would have the packages for more time and for the driver wouldn't make a sense. 

The problem occurs many times, I do not understand the reason, similar to the attached image. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Daniel,

A few questions about the set up of your problem. Are you using order pairs? The excess_transit_factor being set to High will only be relevant if using order pairs.If you have order pairs it might be passing a location because it has not picked up the first in the pair.

By saying equal time windows do you mean that all orders have exactly the same time windows (such as 8:00 am to 5:00 pm)? If this is the case you should be able to remove the time windows from the orders and put the constraints into the Route using the earliest and latest start time parameters to say the beginning of the time window and the max total time to indicate the ending of the time window. I suggest this because taking time windows out of the orders (even with them all the same) indicates to our solver that it can go through the algorithm steps for a non time window case which is an easier problem to solve. This might improve the results some. 

If instead you mean that the time windows are of equal duration such as 2 hour time windows then maybe the time window hasn't been reached and so it is best to pass by the order and get it later instead of waiting.


Heather Moe

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