Help needed in calculating route distances

05-15-2012 03:53 AM
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I have a problem in calculating the route distances for my almost 900 points containing shapefile. I know how to do it separately for each point,  but is there a way of doing it for all the points at the same time? I would need the distances in meters from each point to the city centre using roads.

Another thing, I would also like to count the route distances to parks, which are polygons. Is this possible?

Thank you if anyone could help me, please.

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Hello Elina !
You can easily compute all the distances between your points and the city centre with the Closest Facility tool (Network Analyst). You can load the city centre as "Facilities" and all the other points as "Incidents". Just have a look at the ArcGIS help here:
Also have a look at the OD Cost Matrix help.

As far as I know you can't use polygon, maybe you could just compute its centroid and then just load it as a "Facilities".

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Thank you Theo!

I will try to do it that way. In case of parks, maybe I could put points to the entrance points to the park and thereby calculate the routes to these points to see which is closest.

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