Cannot bind layer that references a 2D network dataset to a 3D network dataset.

09-13-2012 03:52 AM
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Hello I'm new in ArcGIS and i bit of help would be useful. I have some layers that were crreated on ArcMap 9.3 and now I'm Using ArcMap 10 . The layers were built on another network dataset that had false attributes. I have created a new network datase with correct attributes. My problem is that i cannot change the layers data source into the new dataset and i receive a message that says cannot bind layer that references a 2D network dataset yo a 3D network dataset.
What can i do to resolve my problem.
Thanx for your time and sorry bout my english. Thank you again
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You will have to recreate the network analysis layers as their geometry type needs to change from 2D to 3D shapes.  You can create a new layer and load the stops from the old layer to the new layer.  If you do this, do not load by network location fields, however, because the source ID/OIDs are most likely different. 

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