Rural Accessibility Analysis.

08-30-2012 02:44 AM
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The study requires defining a priority program to upgrade poor condition rural roads through the computation of KM/PERSON field.
The issue:

Rural roads branching from primary roads could lead into several villages (Attached smaple example), therefore looking for an approach to solve the FROM (village centroid) and the TO (Primary and Rural road intersection point) and provide the length of every route  (the route should only be the rural road).

Not sure if the network analyst could help sovle the issue and if so, would it be the OD cost matrix exercise? Ideas and methods are much appreciated.

NB: The study is applied on a contry wide network. Manual querying or geoprocessing is almost impossible.
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You cam use the OD Cost Matrix solver to compute network distances between a set of origins to destinations. The distances will be computed from origins to destinations. So you can set your villages as origins and road intersections. But do remember that OD will compute all pairs unless you put a limit on how many closest or a distance cutoff. Also in case you have  hierarchy set in your network you should turn it off as you are just trying to solve for nearby road intersections.

Jay Sandhu
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You can also use the closest facility solver by defining the villages as incidents and the road intersections with the major roads as facilities. In the analysis settings you then need to specify only "1" facility to find (i.e. the closest one), and "Incident to Facility" as travel direction.
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