Can't Trace with Utility Network Analyst Trace Function

12-14-2011 11:16 AM
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I'm having a problem with the trace feature on the Utility Network Analyst tool bar. I have two geometric networks, stormwater and sanitary. My client can trace the stormwater network on his computer and so can I on my own computer without any problems. The problem start with the sanitary network. I can trace the sanitary network on my computer with no problems but can�??t get the trace function to work with the sanitary network on the clients computer. Both of us are using the same networks and the same mxd. We (using the clients computer) deleted the network and recreated it and still can�??t get it to work on the clients computer but it works on mine.

Is there something I missing? I�??ve never had this happen before and the strange thing is the sanitary network was working several months ago. We are using 9.3.

The other problem the client has is with Set Flow by Digitized Direction. The flow has already been set but some lines had to be flipped and the button won�??t highlight to rest the flow.
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