Geometric Network + Z Value Features + Connectivity Rules = error

12-13-2011 08:31 AM
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The Following scenario causes the ArcMap to crash
1- Start creating a geometric network from ArcCatalog
2- Choose two feature classes L1 (Line), P1 (point), both of them are Z aware features
3- Choose No to "Use Z Value to determine connectivity of features"
4-go with the default choices for the rest
5- After creating the network, right-click and open properties
6- Under connectivity rules-> choose L1
7- In "Subtypes in the Network" first choose: - L1 and in the "Junction Subtype" choose "P1" and set it as default
8- Still in Subtypes in the Network�?� choose P1 and set it as default.
9- Open arc map, add the network to you map
10- Start editing, add new L1 feature
11- Add new other L1 feature that snaps to the middle to the first feature you added.
12- Save edits, stop editing
13- Add utility network analyst to the map
14- Add flag to the middles of feature 1 or 2
15- ArcMap crashes
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