Building network with sidewalks and streets for university campus

06-23-2011 11:40 AM
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I am trying to build a network including the sidewalks and streets for a campus and to be able to route someone from one building to another or from a certain room in a building to another room across campus.  I was wondering if there is a way to do this when the network analyst always asks for addresses, since I do not have the address for every building on campus.  Also, in my network I have different wheelchair impediments like stairs, so my network has to be able to be used for people in wheelchairs as well.  All of my buildings on my map have imported from cad files and georeferenced to my background image.  If anyone has an idea of how to create this network let me know! Thanks!
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Being very new to GIS, I probably shouldn't even be answering this, but...

Is it possible for you to assign a 'false' address attribute to each building just to give the analyst something to work with? Such as 'Building 1 Room 203, Building 3 Room 102, etc'.
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It is possible to do what you want to do.

You can read more on routing in 3D buildings (room to room) here:

The data for this is in the network analyst tutorial folder. Their is a locator to geocode to "rooms".
That is, you can build your own locator for addressing to rooms.

And you can build multi-modal networks that connect various modes of transportation outside the buildings.
Take a look at this turorial for example of multi-modal network:

I will suggest that you read the following blog on this as well:

And there are others doing this as well, e.g.,

Jay Sandhu
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