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Split Amazon Counter Metrics to different Collections

04-01-2019 02:55 PM
New Contributor II

Is it possible to split the metrics coming from the Amazon CloudWatch metric? Any suggestions in being able to apply different instances coming from the Amazon counter into different collections would be great.

For example, I would like to grab all the infrastructure resources for a particular app stack into a collection. I could also use this to monitor collections for a production app stack versus a test /dev app when I would want a much larger time interval. 

I also have tags on all my resources in AWS. Would it be possible to split this by the tags I have applied to the resources?


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Hi Gary,

Currently, to put different instances coming from the Amazon counter into separate collections, you could create another IAM user account in Amazon, add those different instances there and then add a new collection in ArcGIS Monitor with a new Amazon counter type going to just instances in the new IAM account. Right now, there's no mechanism inside ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.x/10.7 to split existing Amazon collections, but maybe in the future an Amazon tag option could be added. I'll log an enhancement request for this.

Best Regards,


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