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Monitor Server High-CPU Utilization

06-01-2020 11:47 AM
New Contributor

We have a pretty standard ArcGIS deployment

- Portal
   - Host Server
   - Image Server
   - Map (3)

- UnFederated Server
- Monitor Server

- DB
   - DataStore (Relational/Tile Cache)
   - Spatial-Temporal DataStore

   - Oracle DB

In Monitor with the centralized recommended specs of 4 CPU cores and 16 GB RAM. We have a total of 62 counters for Production all set to the longer time intervals of recommended settings.

We have run the stagger collection times script and tried to reduce collection times for certain less critical aspects of the system such as RDP, however we are still getting High-CPU spikes with Monitor Server.

Any suggestions?

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by Anonymous User
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Try adding 2 more CPU cores to this VM.

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Esri Contributor

Spikes are common.  You should see the spikes as the monitor runs on different intervals. 

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