Emails notifications based on alert criticity level

10-30-2020 07:28 AM
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ArcGIS Monitor notification emails indicate that one should contact an administrator to configure Monitor notifications in order to receive less emails.

I would like to receive only "critical" alerts notifications, but notifications are configured at counter level, I can see anywhere one can tune notification according alert criticity there :

This is neither in the smtp configuration :

Nor in official documentation :

Configure alerts for counters—ArcGIS Monitor | Documentation d’ArcGIS Enterprise 

Please, kindly let me know where I can configure notifications base on alert criticity

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Hi @MatShop. It would be great to be able to configure email alerts based on the log level - I guess this is a current limitation of the system. You could try suggesting this via ArcGIS Ideas.

If you haven't already, as a workaround you could try to set up rules in your mail client to filter out all but the CRITICAL level alerts. Also, if you have access to it (or something similar), you could use OpsGenie. I have ArcGIS Monitor alert emails sent to OpsGenie, and I've it configured to only act on CRITICAL alerts. Upon receiving an email from ArcGIS Monitor re. a CRITICAL alert, it notifies my team via push notification on the OpsGenie iOS app, and a message to a notification channel set up in MS Teams.

Hope these suggestions help.

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by Esri Contributor
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For email alerts this would be controlled at the smtp/email level -  For instance, If the ArcGIS Monitor Server application is sending large volumes of email notifications (10 or more per hour), you can create separate email rules for each of your collections by criticality—for example: DataCenterA_Critical, DataCenterA_Warning, DataCenterB_Critical, DataCenterB_Warning, and so on.

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