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10-30-2020 07:43 AM
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I manage to automate counters setting using .cpj files, see : 

I generate a .cpj based on a script that scans ArcGIS Servers admin rest api and then import it so I don't have to manually create hundreds of http counters.

While configuring the .cpj I can set "testing: true" for each counter. The result is that : once the .cpj file is imported, it seems that "testing" is automatically running for each counter. So I don't have to go on each counter and click on "testing" and then "save". 
Unfortunately, it doesn't work well, testing spinners are turning forever without returning testing results.

First question : is this the purpose of the "testing" key in .cpj file counter configuration ?

The there is also a "isValidated" key in the .cpj file counter confuguration. It would be nice if the purpose of this key is to indicates Monitor to automatically save the counter once tested so it is running and results are available in ArcGIS Monitor Server. So I can regenerate a full monitoring configuration from scratch without any manual action.

Second question, what is the purpose of the "isValidated" key in .cpj file counter configuration ?

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

For your second question the "isValidated" key is for when a counter is validated by ArcGIS monitor (i.e. a green checkmark is considered validated = true, while a red X is considered validated = false).

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