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Worldspace VR Map

02-13-2023 09:36 AM
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We're trying to build a tabletop map experience within a VR environment. I was running into issues with the ARCGIS camera needing to be in the scene and clashing with an XR camera rig.

Has anyone been able to figure out a workaround or method for handling that? The VR sample on the Github repo seems to enable more of a fly-over method, rather than a world space-like interaction.

Attaching a video of what we have working currently

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Hi Joseph,

It has been awhile since I have been deep in this, but this older thread may be helpful for what you need to do.

Similarly, I haven't checked out the samples in awhile, so I'm not sure if the approach in the thread is the same or not.


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I can't offer an answer to your question, Joseph, but I was certainly interested to see that you were working with an interactive map table in a VR environment.  I worked on something similar, as an Ordnance Survey demo project (see attached image), some years ago (pre Unity Maps SDK...), which was only able to use bundled map resources, rather than anything streamed.  However, I found that there were some nice things possible regarding how different maps/layers could be selected (via virtual cartridges) and how interactive 3D features could be included on the table too.  Because of changes in priorities and attitudes since the pandemic, it's unlikely to be something I'll be following up on.  However, it's cool to see that someone is exploring how this can work with streamed data.  Good luck with it!

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