Display symbols from stylx file

07-31-2022 02:54 PM
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Hi all, I want to display military symbols stored in a .stylx file on a 3D map.

All the examples are related to the .Net runtime, and can't really be used in Unity like that.
I have already managed to display .png and .svg on the map. Is there any other way to save all symbols from a stylx file to pngs?

It would be very great if you can help me

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Hi there!

I have attempted to answer your question on saving images for symbols in a stylx in this post. https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-runtime-sdk-for-net-questions/get-all-symbols-from-a-stylx-file...

Just curious how is this related to the Unity workflow. Can you please elaborate your use case?


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Hello PreetiMaske,

I would like to display a Collection of Military Symbols which are stored in a .stylx file on a unity 3D map with the arcgis sdk for unity. But I also noticed that the unity sdk and the arcgis runtime for .net a very different.

I have already made it to display pictures (symbols) on the 3d map in unity.

So my plan is to write a small program with the arcgis .net runtime to save all symbols from the stylx file as pictures on my disk.

After that I will write a unity script to place these pictures (symbols) on my 3d map.

Your answer helped a lot thanks for your help!

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