ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity expects the OpenSSL binaries to be named and

01-21-2023 01:31 AM
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ERSI SDK deployment instructions for android deployment through unity per website instructions read as follows: ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity expects the OpenSSL binaries to be named and The plugin will try to load them at run-time. If they are not present, only access to online services over HTTP will be enabled. The binaries don't need to be located in any particular folder but Plugins\Android\<architecture> (where <architecture> can be either arm64 or armv7) is normally recommended. 


When I look into the actual package I see 


Is this not sufficient if I want to pull my own maps created from the ERSI website at runtime or will I need to make some ubuntu custom thing? I'm set up for an android build  intending to deploy to oculus. My configuration settings within unity are 


do I need any other configuration settings to pull maps created at the ERSI apart from the API Key? I'm attempting to pull these latitude and longitude coordinates from a map I created already. And am I having a bit of trouble: 


figuring out what goes in 


I assume it mirrors the file creation within the Ersi site. 


I assume I can reference my file here: 


I appreciate any vector you can give me. 

Is the reason I am unable to add the maps I've created to the API source  because I'm using the trial version. Do I have to have the pay versions to interact with the Unity game engine?





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by Esri Contributor
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Yes, you need to build openSSL

Your config settings look good. There are other system settings that you might already adjusted which are all listed in

Our plugin is free to use. Please refer to for adding data. 

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