Sublayer time periods in Time enabled WMS layers

03-09-2021 06:05 AM
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We're currently in the process of migrating to ArcGis, from a google maps API solution.

Unfortunately, we've run into some problems with Time enabled WMS layers.

Some of the WMS servers we use are configured with nearestValue="0" on their time Dimension. The result is that getMap queries from ArcGIS return 505, if the user has chosen a time value that is, for instance, 1 minute, different from the timestamp defined on the layer.

We would, therefore, like to get ArcGis to send getMap requests with a time value that is the value, from the on the server defined Time Periods, closest to the set TimeExtent.

Is it possible to get ArcGIS to automatically do this?  Alternatively, can we somehow access the data from the getCapabilites response to extract the "valid" values and thereafter manually round the timestamp passed to TimeExtent.

We're using version 4.18.1


Thanks in advance!



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