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Search Widget using Arabic Word

04-30-2019 06:21 AM
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I am using ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.10. I have implemented the search widget in my application. I am able to search feature using English words but when I am trying to search using Arabic word, I got 'No results found' in suggestion Template. I have set below two properties for Search Widget

searchFields: ["NAMEENGLISH", "NAMEARABIC"],

suggestionTemplate: "{NAMEENGLISH}, {NAMEARABIC}",

 1. Search using English Characters(Musaffah)

2. Search using Arabic Characters(مصفح)

I am not getting suggestion for the Arabic Case. Any help here. 

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Esri Contributor

Hi, to solve this issue should be done following item

1. try to hosting the Esri Javascript API locally.

2. go to the "search.js" in this path "https://<your machine>/arcgis_js_api/library/3.27/3.27/esri/dijit/search.js" and open it in the editor.

3. go to the method "_whereClause"

4. change this line from

'this.reHostedFS.test(b.url) && this._containsNonLatinCharacter(a) &&(f = "N");'


'this._containsNonLatinCharacter(a) && (f = "N");'.

5.check now will be solved.

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Esri Regular Contributor

A word of caution, we do not recommend or allow people to modify the JS API. Please see our policy here:

Frequently Asked Questions | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.13 

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I tested a sample using Arabic localization, it seems to give suggestions. 

Are you searching a layer, a custom Locator source, or using the Esri world geocoding service?

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@Noah-Sager I'm facing the same issue searching in a LayerSearchSource. It is registered in GDB.

I test in ArcGIS Pro and it returns results only if I added N before searchTerm like "where field=N'text'"

How can I add it to the code?


    layer: FeatureLayer,
    allowedFields: string[],
    placeholder: string
  ) {
    const source = new LayerSearchSource({
      layer: layer,
      searchFields: allowedFields ? allowedFields : ['*'],
      exactMatch: false,
      outFields: allowedFields ? allowedFields : ['*'],
      placeholder: placeholder.slice(0, 20) + '...', // trim long placeholderes
      name: layer.title,
      zoomScale: 500000,

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Find the solution in this thread

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