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Rings geometry

01-18-2022 05:05 AM
New Contributor II

I have map in which basemap is topo and feature layers as layers of my organization .I have used sketch widget where i have used rectangle to sketch .In rectangle i sketched i am getting rings but value in ring is not correct due to which i am not getting the required results of query using ring values. i have  set x and y coordinates of 1 feature layer only just to get rings but not getting correct values .how i can get correct value of rings so that i can get correct featurelayer results . I have used mapview not sceneview in my mapview of map.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi there, 

Is it possible for you to share your code or at least share the relevant code? I don't completely understand the issue you are running into. 

This sample shows how to select features of a layer that intersect a rectangle drawn on the map.



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