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Removing individual graphic on a view not working in ArcGIS API for JavaScript v4.24

09-20-2022 05:21 AM
New Contributor II

Hello folks, 

Can any one help me figure out why does not work; until i remove all   ; yet I want to remove only pointGraphic not any other of the added graphics.


 const pointGraphic = new Graphic({
      symbol: {
        type: "point-3d",  // autocasts as new PointSymbol3D()
        symbolLayers: [{
          type: "object",  // autocasts as new ObjectSymbol3DLayer()
          width: 50,    // diameter of the object from east to west in meters
          height: 50,  // height of object in meters
          depth: 50,   // diameter of the object from north to south in meters
          resource: { primitive: "sphere" },
          material: { color: "red" }
I actually want to remove it before I add a new one of the same type, to avoid the redundancy.
Thank you for your help
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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi there, 

The should work without any issues as we don't have any known issues for this. If it is not working, can you please provide a simple reproducible case? 

Here is a very simple test case showing that it works:

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