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Popup window does not always display - Javascript API 3.33

11-23-2020 07:28 AM
New Contributor

I am part of a team developing an app using JS API 3.33.  My problem is a replicatable, but not fully consistent in that it does not happen every time. 

The issue is that the popup window does not always display when called via .show().  Everything acts as though the window appeared, including dropping a point after the data has been received from the server (local server data request from a JSP page). 
- The issue only occurs when the map has been panned, never on startup and not when the map is re-centered. 
- All of the DOM objects that should be created while the window should be visible are created as if the popup exists, but the popup does not display. 
- The issue only occurs on the initial popup display. Subsequent clicks will update the popup with a new location and set of data to be graphed as expected.  


I have attached a couple of screenshots that show the popup displaying off of the visible map frame.  Panning to the popup brings the popup on screen at the proper location, complete with dropped point marker.  The popup window does not repeat along with the map and only occurs at one point in space.  Any idea how to rectify this?

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