MapImageLayer missing labels with rotated map

03-16-2023 12:08 PM
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Immediately below is an image created by a dynamic map service whose features are labeled on the server side.  You can see that all the features are labeled (as they should be):



However, when I rotate the map (using MapView.rotation), here is the new image generated by the server:



You can see that numerous features to the right and left of center are not labeled, although they should be.  I've noticed that the HTTP requests for both of these images have the same extent values (i.e. bbox), so this is likely driving the problem.  It appears only the features inside that extent are labeled, but all the "extra" features that appear as a result of rotation are not.

If there a solution to this problem?  Note that the solution must involve labeling on the server-side, not the client-side.

To generate these images, I was using ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.25 and ArcGIS Server 10.7.1.

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Hey there, 

This seems like a question for the MapService REST API. Have you posted your question here:

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Hi Undral -

No, I haven' least not yet.  Unless I'm incorrect, map rotation was part of the initial 4.0 beta 1 release nearly 8 years ago.  It seemed unlikely to me that this was the first time this issue has come up, and it also seemed like this forum was the most likely place to find others who've run across it and may know the answer.  If I get nothing here, I'll try in the Server forum as well though.  Thank you!

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