Can I edit the size of the marker for LineSymbolMarker?

01-27-2023 12:33 PM
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I'm making a web map using the 4.23 version of the JavaScript API.  I have lines in my map as a feature layer.  I've created a custom symbol that includes a dot at the beginning and end of each line.  I figured out how to do it using the LineSymbolMarker property while setting up my SimpleLineSymbol.  However, the dots are much larger than I'd like (screenshot attached).  I'd like them to be about half this size.  Unfortunately, I don't see a "size" or "width" setting in the properties for the LineSymbolMarker.  Has anyone else been able to change the size of the markers?

If it helps, here's the line where I define the symbol:

var xsSymbol = new SimpleLineSymbol( {style:'solid', color:[0,0,0,1.0], width:1.5, marker:{color:"black", placement:"begin-end", style:"circle"} });


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I am having the same problem, did you ever find the solution to this?  It seems like it would be very easy to do but there is not size option on LineSymbolMarker.

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