Map not showing on production environment

10-18-2021 07:17 AM
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Hi All

I have a map that is displaying on all other environments except on production, I get the following errors:






I am using version 4.14 <script src=""></script> for scripting. What may be the cause of this issue?


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Siyabonga Kubeka

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The error is pretty specific that it "failed to load the portal item".  Since I can't see any of your code it's hard to suggest anything, but since it opens in all environments except for production, my guess is that you have been working with a map that's only shared to a local user, and you need something outside of the firewall.  There could be other reasons why a Map wouldn't show but you don't present much to work on.  

If you are trying to present a map outside of your firewall then you should check the URL of the REST endpoint separately to make sure it works.  If it does, then there's something else going on.

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It also might be good to look at the network traffic and see what the failed request looks like (e.g. 403 error, 404 error). Also, if you could post a simplified repro case on something like codepen, that would help diagnose.

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