Legend created by the PrintTask is not generating properly

10-17-2016 03:28 AM
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I have this customized print task, where I generate a print template with custom title, page layouts and on/off legend layer. This is generating the print template as expected with the legend. But when the page layout are in portrait format, the legends generated are not proper, the polygon legends are not generating properly. Please see the image below to know how it is generating. The same thing is generating fine in landscape layout. Only in portrait of A4 and both portrait and landscape of A3 page formats are generating this issue. 

Did any one faced this issue before? Please share the solution if any one knows about this.

Thanks in advanced!

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You need to ensure that the ArcGIS Server is using the correct printer driver and you'll need to install a default printer with the ArcGIS Server account.  See these threads:

Bug: The PrintingTools service produces garbled or pixelated legend patches in PDF output 



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What version of ArcGIS Server are you using?

You might need to make your default settings larger than the page size you are trying to print as this is what I needed to do to get legends to display correctly in the print-out.

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This issue still exists at 10.5.1 where you need to follow the instructions in the links above to resolve the printing issue.

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 Check this blog. It should help resolve your issue.

Bug: The PrintingTools service produces garbled or pixelated legend patches in PDF output