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Lasso / Rectangular Select event from Sketch Widget?

05-05-2023 12:04 PM
Occasional Contributor II

Good Day

I have the Sketch Widget active on my map, and if I use the Draw tools, the "create" event will send a signal, and I can query the features without issue:


        sketchWidget.on("create", async (event) => {
          if (event.state === "complete") {
            const geometries= => {
              return graphic.geometry
            const queryGeometry = await geometryEngineAsync.union(geometries.toArray());


When I use lasso or rectangle select tool, no signal is thrown, that I can find.  Oddly enough, if I use the "Select Feature" option, to select a single feature, the click handler on the view works fine.

What should I do, to get signals from the lasso and rectangle selection options?


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