Label not showing on one of many features

02-10-2023 07:24 AM
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I have a feature layer which contains several features that represent clusters. We're not using the built-in clustering, we're using a different implementation. I'm seeing that one cluster in a single location never gets labeled while the rest of them do. I've attached a screenshot of what the issue looks like. Here's the code for the layers labelingInfo:


labelingInfo: [
        deconflictionStrategy: "none",
        labelExpressionInfo: {
            expression: "var count = $feature.ClusterCount; \
                                    var label = When( count == 1, '', \
                                    Text($feature.ClusterCount, '#,###') ); \
                                    return label;"
        symbol: {
            type: "text",
            color: "#fff",
            font: {
                weight: "bold",
                family: "serif",
                size: "12px"
        labelPlacement: "center-center",

I can post more code if needed, I figured this piece was the only code that's relevant. Does anyone know what causes this and if there's a fix? 

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