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Insert DOM Objects into Feature Layer then into Feature Table Field

09-07-2023 09:20 AM
New Contributor II


I would like to know how to insert custom DOM objects, such as a dynamically generated button with an event listener, into a feature layer like the sandbox example does below:

Sandbox | Sample Code | ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.27 | ArcGIS Developers

There is a custom link titled "View" in the feature table and I was wondering how it was assembled to work since the layer was imported via URL and I can't see how the feature layer itself was constructed.  It might be just a static string, but I was wondering how I could create a button and then append it to each row of the feature table.  Currently I have it coming in as an object, but it's getting converted to a string since the type is "string" and I can't find another alternative. 

I already have the button object ready to go, but the difficulty comes when I try to place it into the feature layer and then the feature table.  Please let me know if this can be done.

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