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Feature Layer: Update if exists, add if does not, remove if does not exist anymore

05-31-2022 05:18 AM
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I am building a React based web app which tracks some moving objects. For simplicity's sake, let's assume I track cars.

Cars may change position or various states over time, and they may be removed and no longer tracked.
I am managing the tracked objects with a Redux state, simply as an array which contains the Cars data.

I'm having trouble implementing the following behaviour:

1. If a car has been added, add him to the map.

2. If a car has been removed, remove him

3. If a car's location has changed, change it on the map as well.


I've tried using the useEffect() hook with combintation with FeaturesLayer.applyEdits(), but as seen in the image below, I am not sure how to efficiently perform the add and delete operations.


 if ( !== undefined) {
            console.log("FeaturesLayer:layer with id : ",, "already exists")
            const featLayer = as FeatureLayer
            // featLayer.source = new Collection(props.source)
                updateFeatures: updated_source,
                addFeatures: /* How to detect which features do not exist already in the layer
                                 but exist in the new source? */ [],
                deleteFeatures: /* How to detect which features do not exist in the new source anymore? */ [],



Thank you


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