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Configuring renderer with nested property

03-12-2024 06:49 AM
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Hi, I have a client side GeoJson layer with nested attributes. I am trying to use nested key(in field) for configuring renderer but this does not works for me. 

Can someone suggest the possible way to use nested property in renderer.

Attaching code snippet for reference

export const renderer = () => {
    const symbol= setPictureMarkerSymbol(recycle);
    const symRenderer = new ClassBreaksRenderer({
        field: 'materialAcceptedDetail[0]["materialId"]',
        legendOptions: {
            title: "Facility"
        minValue: 1,
        maxValue: 3,
        symbol: symbol
    return symRenderer;


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Please see this thread and this thread, which discuss how to deal with nested properties in a GeoJSON layer.

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