Change the Routing GeoCoder service of Directions widget

10-27-2021 04:28 AM
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How can I change the Directions GeoCoder Service to let him point on my own Geocoder service

I have declared My directions as below, with the routeTaskURL

   var directionsW = new Directions({
            map: map,
        }, "dir");

and now I want to point on my own GeoCoder Service ? I know that I can do it with searchOptions's Parameter, but could you please let me know with a sample of code that would be very helpful.

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You can update the searchProperties of the Directions widget.

Like the Search widget, you can turn off the default Search source and add your own.

You can look at the search sample for more details on adding a new source.


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I have already checked the links but better is there is a sample that would be mucg appreciated

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