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Change geometry of graphic in an featureLayer and show the change in the Map

07-05-2023 12:56 AM
New Contributor III

It seems a very basicaly problem but I couldn't find a solution for that. What I want:

1: l have a map with a single FeatureLayer with point features .

2: I like to drag a single, selected point to a new position in the map. I just want to move the selected point. It must be very simple for the user. So no additional tools. Just grab the point and move it. -> that's the Problem.

3. The user will later add some attribute information and attachments and then the new position with all the attributes will be saved with applyEdits to the service.

I don't understand how to manipulate the feature/graphic directly in the map without using apply edits.

I think this schould be simple and basic task.

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Esri Regular Contributor

There are many options available via the Draw tools and the Sketch and Editor widgets, but if you want 'no additional tools' then coming up with a 'very simple for the user' workflow becomes a little more complicated.  Here's a quick take at one possible approach; it's not perfect but it might give you some ideas:

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