Can TextSymbol graphics be draped on 3D SceneView?

11-22-2021 07:07 AM
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I'm using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.20. I'm adding point graphics and text graphics to a 3D scene view, using GraphicsLayer and TextSymbol. It's working well. But the text graphics are always billboarded, even if I use the on-the-ground mode for the graphics layer. Point graphics honor the mode, displaying draped if the mode is on-the-ground and billboarded if the mode is relative-to-scene.

Is there a way to get text graphics to drape on the 3D scene instead of billboarding?

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Hi Noah. I tried it but the text graphics are still billboarded. I don't see a way to make them draped.

To make a simple example, I modified the Add Graphics to a Scene View sample. Here's what I got:

My symbol code in the sample:

const markerSymbol = {
  type: 'point-3d',
  symbolLayers: [{
    type: 'text',
    text: 'The Text',
    material: {
      color: '#ffffff'
    size: 50


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hi @GaryLSheppardJr 

It is not supported to drape text graphics on the ground. 
I wonder what's the use case to not have them billboarded?

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Thanks, Sascha, for confirming that it's not supported. I don't know what the use case would be, but I wanted to ask in case my customer asks if the text can be draped. I don't have a specific need for this capability yet.

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