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Button inside an info window

04-28-2021 04:26 AM
New Contributor III

Dear All,

 i have a html button inside contents of below code


strContent = strContent + "<tr>" + "<td align=center colspan=2 >" + "<button type=button class=button onclick=" + getReport(idResult.layerId, feat.feature.attributes.OBJECTID_1) + ">تقرير</button> " + "</td>"
 strContent = strContent + "<tr>" + "<td align=center colspan=2 >" + "<a href=" + strLyr + ">المزيد من المعلومات</a> " + "</td>"

this show me two buttons inside is hyperlink and other is command button.hyperlink working perfect.problem is with command button.

function getReport(id,objID)





problem is when i use identify to show info window the command button click event call on map click.when i click on button nothing happened.i want this getReport function should be called when i click button inside info window.please help thanks in adavnce.i am using arcgis 3.32 api.


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