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Bug - calling view / map destroy, and forcibly deleting the map node does not free the resources

10-06-2023 08:10 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Good Day

I've reported this several times in the past, so this isn't new, but when is the bug that prevents the maps from being fully deleted going to be rectified?  According to the documentation when you call .destroy on the map or view, all the resources should get cleaned up, but as confirmed many times they don't.

There's also a second part to this where if you delete the node that houses that map, the resources still aren't cleaned up. 

To be clear, I'm talking about this list of resources:


I know the “accepted” workaround is to use a store, so you can reuse the same map context, but it would be better if the base functionality was corrected, and you could fully remove the map and all held resources. 

Is this something that's planning to be fixed in 4.28?  As of 4.27.6 this issue is still active, and while you can heavily mitigate the amount of resources left behind, it would be better if a full destruction was possible.


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