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boost WMS/WMTS performance: load on demand and for visible extent

07-25-2022 11:03 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Hi everyone,

We're creating a webmap with the ArcGIS API for JS 4.x. We're using WMTS for the basemap gallery and WMS for additional data. We'll use WMS to be able to show a popup with additional info about the displayed object. 

I noticed the option "fullExtent" in WMS and WMTS. Which moment is best to use this function? upon initialisation? I'm asking because it doesn't seem to really speed up the loading webmap compared to not using this option.

Furthermore, it seems that initialising the WMS/WMTS already loads the data, even if the service is not visible. Which results in too long loading time of the webmap. I don't see the option to load the data of the service on demand. Is there a built-in function for this? if not, is there a technique to "trick" the API?

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