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Basemap Wrapping + Zooming

06-12-2023 08:26 AM
New Contributor


We're trying to improve the user experience when zooming and panning ArcGIS basemaps.

The default behavior of basemaps allows the user to overzoom the tiles which results in the following:


This is not a great user experience.

We can improve on this a little bit by implementing a minZoom: 2 map constraint which results in the following:


This is a better user experience, but its still not great, as there is white space in the map and this approach will have different results at different screen resolutions.

I know the older JS API / basemap implementations would repeat tiles in the second figure above.  This doesn't seem possible with the current API/implementation.  

Have others encountered and found solutions to this that provide a better user experience?  

Many thanks,




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