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Avoid login popup when showing FeatureLayer

05-02-2017 04:02 AM
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Hi everyone,

I want to avoid the popup login (username and password) when I try to show a FeatureLayer from client side (javascript).

You can see the popup in the screenshot attached on this post.

What I've accomplished so far:

- Created a FeatureLayer from ArcMap Desktop and published it on my Organization Rest Services. I got a link for retrieve that. It is hosted on ArcgisOnline.

- Connected my Web Application to my esri online server and got a token (through client and secret id ) to access this feature layer

- On client side, in Javascript, I created a FeatureLayer from the complete uri (FeatureLayer Uri + token), and added this layer to the map showed by the MapView item. But surprisingly to me, I got a popup to login with my ArcgisOnline credentials.

It is possible to simply avoid the login popup? Why is not "enough"  to attach a token (which, in theory, has to give me access for that FeatureLayer published on my organization) to the FeatureLayer rest uri?

Thanks in advance


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Did you got solution for this?, I am facing similar issue. Kindly share the solution if you resolve this issue.


Thanks in advance.



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I hope you're good. Even I'm facing this, wanted to know if have find any solution for this yet. Please share , would be great helpful.



Sharath Gh

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