ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.37 : symbole size with aggregation

01-12-2023 09:11 AM
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I'm actually working on a web app consumming a web map from the portal 10.9.1

The web map contains some feature layers hosted on the portal. 

I've configured one of the feature layers to activate the aggregation beacause it contains arround 55k entities.

The aggregation works fine but I remark that the symbol size of the aggregated feature layer is small than the symbol configured in the web map via the portal map viewer 

The symbol as configured in the web map :


The symbol as seen in the app 



I've tried to change the size programmatically but that seems not working

                        "type": "cluster",
                        "clusterRadius": 60,
                        "clusterMinSize": 36,
                        "clusterMaxSize": 36


Any idea how we can do, that ?

Thank a lot

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