Android and iOS keyboard slides down when Track updates using goToOverride

12-23-2021 05:56 AM
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My Track implementation has the gotoOverride set to a function. I need this because I want to keep the zoom level the same as the view. Without gotoOverride set to a function that changes the zoom, Track will always zoom deep to the position you are at.

I have some HTML INPUT fields, where I want to enter data.

If Track is running, and I want to enter data in the INPUT field (keyboard is up), the keyboard on iOS and Android slides down when Track function provides a new coordinate. 

When I remove this line out of my code:   return view.goTo(; , the keyboard stays on the screen but, logically, I miss the 'not zoom' function.

How can this be solved?

Here is my code:


var track = new Track({
	view: view,
    goToOverride: function(view, options) { = view.scale;
        return view.goTo(;
	geolocationOptions: {
		maximumAge: 0,
		timeout: 15000,
		enableHighAccuracy: true
	graphic: new Graphic({
	  symbol: {
	    type: "simple-marker",
	    path: "M 14 -22 L 23.5 0 L 14 -5 L 5.5 0 z", 
	    color: "#005e96",
	    outline: {
	      color: "#AAAAAA",
	      width: 0.75
	    size: 15
	useHeadingEnabled: false  // Don't change orientation of the map
view.ui.add(track, "top-left");


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