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Access a secured hosted feature service with JavaScript 4

10-31-2023 08:17 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Hello again!

we are moving all our content to AGOL and losing our local servers in an effort to reduce costs, maintenance and increase security associated with on prem servers. I'm losing my local ArcGIS Server which holds secured feature services that are accessed by various applications. Besides not being able to use our printing and geoprocessing services from our AGS, we are losing the security features provided by our local AGS.

We have feature services that are accessed through javascript apps via a proxy. Now that we are losing the security model offered by AGS, how can we replicate this with a hosted feature service. We've implemented the oauth option that requires users to sign in and that works for the services that have minimal users with AGOL logins.

The problem arises when we have a service used by multiple departments and multiple users in each department and the users can and do change frequently. Acquiring licenses for this is cost prohibitive and definitely not what anyone wants to do.

Is there anyway to allow access to this secured service without having a user login?


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Hi @MichaelKohler, User authentication is the only authentication method for accessing private content on ArcGIS Online.

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