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Selection does not highlight in Instant App

03-22-2023 03:02 PM
New Contributor

Hello, I am running into a weird issue where on the Sidebar Instant App, the area I select on the map doesn't highlight to let me know what area I have selected. But in the Map Viewer it highlights just fine for me. It seems weird that it would not highlight on the Instant app as it makes it really easy to get lost of where things were clicked on. Even when I search a location it zooms in but doesn't highlight the area.

I am using the 2022 Segment Tapestry map for internal use at my company and being able to know what county, or zip code is highlighted will help a lot.  

I included the potential error that I get when I click on the area that I don't get in the map viewer.
The second image shows the Instant App map where I have the location selected but it isn't highlight, and the third image shows the map viewer and how it highlights the area that is selected. Hopefully this helps explain what I am talking about. 

I appreciate any help as I am still learning the in's and out's of everything! 

esri-deverror.pngimage (33).pngimage (32).png

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Looks like a bug in the way we handle selection for map image layers in the sidebar instant app. If you configure sidebar to not show the map in the popup then the selection will display. Here's an example:


We'll work on addressing the underlying issue in a future release. 

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I am having the same issue in the Media Instant App in Enterprise Portal.  It looks like the referenced map services do not highlight when selected as opposed to the feature services which do. So when you click on a pipe for example, and the popup appears on the side, you dont know which pipe goes with the popup

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This is happening on all maps created in the New Map Viewer.  Referenced Map Services do not highlight to match the popup.  Version 10.9.1 Enterprise.

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