Performance problems with Crowdsource Polling

09-11-2018 03:11 AM
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We have recently finished a public consultation using the Crowdsource Polling template with the feature service and related table sitting on our SDE server. Most of the time the database and ArcGIS Server servers were performing ok (apart from the last few days where there was an influx of comments!). However, the performance of the app appeared to deteriorate as more and more comments were added. The related table was set up for 8000 characters in the comment field at set up, but in the app this says it is 1,073,741,822! Is this correct and, if so, is this the likely cause of the poor performance?

There were about only 5000 records, which in database terms is nothing, but the performance was quite poor and still is when viewing in house now the consultation has closed. Is there anything obvious that can be done to improve the performance?

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